Friday, April 15, 2011

Picking up the cross and starting again ...

Appropriately enough for Lent ... after dragging my feet for several months - and after letting this blog almost die - I've rejoined Weight Watchers (Online) and am again counting those wonderful, maddening POINTS! (gotta remember that exclamation point!!).

My motivation, you ask? One word:


Yup, I've developed a really life-altering low back pain in my left hip. And although the trigger point for it may have been when I fell off my bike last summer, I'm convinced that it's definitely exacerbated by those 50 pounds I regained, after my exhiliarating adventure with Weight Watchers lo, those many years ago.

I know all the statistics. Diets don't work. 90% of dieters put back whatever weight they've lost after five years. Yo-yo dieting can be worse for you than obesity. Big is beautiful.

I pause at that latter. Yes, Big can be Beautiful. I was Big on my wedding day, just about four years ago. I weighed pretty much what I weighed now. And I was Beautiful - just look:

But listen: I was also active. I worked full-time. I took the Red Line from the Valley to Downtown, and walked for at least half an hour every morning from the subway station to my office.

Now I'm less active. I spend more time at home, or in my car. I have to force myself to go out and exercise. It's no longer a natural part of my day. So the weight I've regained is not the same as the weight I lost before. It's inactivity weight.

And here's the maddening Catch-22 of the whole thing: I need to exercise more, to get the weight off. But because of the weight, my back hurts, and it's really, really hard to exercise.

So: Weight Watchers, again.

I thought about trying something different, something exotic, like the South Beach Diet. Actually, I read the latest incarnation of it and it doesn't sound all that far-fetched. I think the author has made it more sensible, more liveable. That seems to happen with diet plans that stand the test of time (sort of like the major religions, but that's another topic).

So: this morning I had a cup of oatmeal (4 points), a mug of hot tea sweetened with Splenda and non-dairy creamer (0 points) and, after finishing the oatmeal and realizing I was still hungry, a small can of mixed vegetables, heated up in the microwave and spritzed with a generous helping of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray (1 point).

That should hold me till lunch.

I just hope all this won't go by the wayside during Bright Week (the week following Easter, in the Eastern Christian tradition), when we're encouraged to Feast! and Rejoice! because Christ is Risen! I want to rejoice, but I also want to sustain my meager 2-pound weight loss. Can I rejoice on 30 POINTS! a day?

We'll see. Meanwhile, it's a helpful metaphor for me, during Lent, to think of my renewed efforts to lose weight as perhaps the Cross that God has picked out for me. That after every relapse (fall), I must acknowledge my sin and start over again.

Works for me!


  1. Hi Chrissy,

    I cam upon your blog by accident (just pressing the "Next Blog" button at the top of the page)

    Anyway, I thought I'd share a book with you that I've fond really awesome ... "The 4-Hour Body" by Timothy Ferris ... yes, it's a corny name (but it's relevant) ... and it's got some seriously outrageous claims on the dust cover (but not as outrageous as they first seem once you read the sections of the book that apply) ... but as a book I've found it very easy to read, and full of really useful, unexpected (and sometimes bizzare) information.

    I'll say now, that I do not know the author, and I have no reason for suggesting it other than I thoroughly enjoyed reading it ... and the information inside it worked very well for me.

    I love his "diet" ... it's so easy ... and it takes a whole 2 pages of the book ... :)

    Good luck with your endeavours ... and I hope your Sciatic clears up soon.



  2. Nice....good job...Thanks for sharing the tips about weight loss, its really very difficult goal to achieve. But balance diet with regular exercises will help to lose the weight naturally.

  3. Swim. It doesn't even have to be at all strenuous. Sidestroke, dogpaddle, whatever. Takes all the weight off your joints. Swim for twelve minutes, moving arms and legs and in that 14th minute your body will stop using the sugar in your blood and start coverting fat into sugar.

    Don't get out of breath. Just go back and forth steadily for 30 minutes three times a week. Meditate. Sing to yourself.

    From a high of 305 - your new follower,


  4. Hey Chrissy!

    I'm so proud of you to say the least. It's very exciting that you've decided to get healthy and not allow others to force you into it. Its very important you see, that you get serious about your health. Having pain and fatigue is not a way to live at all. See, my point of view is not simply that I was overweight but that I was unhealthy, Tired and had no energy at all. I felt horrible each and everyday no matter what I tried.

    If you would please read My Weight Loss Story at to see how I've managed to get serious about my health and increase my energy ten fold! I've followed your blog to keep up with your success with weight watchers. I will be right here cheering you on as you will accomplish your goals.

    I will back you up one hundred percent! I believe in you and that you can do whatever you put your mind too. Humans are amazing creatures no matter how complex we are.

    I will subscribe by email to see you through this. Again, I'm so very excited for you and impress with your bravery! Your my personal inspiration!

    George E. Sargent
    Herbalife Independent Distributor
    Personal Wellness Coach