Saturday, October 30, 2010

Don't Obsess About the Scales

OK, so this morning I get up, start to get dressed, then remember - it's weigh-in day!

So far I've put on my skirt and top, but nothing else (i.e., no shoes), so I figure, OK, let's do it.

I step on the scales and - WHAAA?? 218.2 pounds?? You mean I gained weight since last week? Butbutbut ...

So I step off the scales, and think (while going to the bathroom, as long as I'm there). Maybe my summer skirt and blouse actually weigh more than I thought.

So (after doing my bidness), I stand up, remove my clothes, and step on the scales again.


Hmm - had NO IDEA my clothes weighed three pounds! Wow, Sears makes sturdier stuff than I'd thought!

But I'd better verify it, before posting the Official Final Total.

Onto the scales again - 214.9!!

Wow! I'm losing weight just stepping on and off the scales! Who knew? Well, I guess it would be aerobic but ...

The point of this long and rather disturbingly graphic post is: DON'T OBSESS ABOUT THE SCALES!

Especially the ones you have at home, fercryinoutloud.

They'll ALWAYS mess with your head. And they do it on purpose too.

Weight loss isn't necessarily a numbers game. Because what you really want to lose is FAT. And what you want to gain is MUSCLE.

Now mind you, I'm not saying that stupid thing some well-meaning weight-loss gurus try to tell you - you know, how "muscle weighs less than fat"?

A pound of muscle weighs exactly as much of a pound of fat. Just as a pound of feathers weighs as much as a pound of iron (in case you're about to take your SATs, or a civil service exam - write it down!).

BUT - what IS true is that a pound of fat takes up less room in your bod than a pound of fat.

So if you lose a pound of fat, and gain a pound of muscle, the scales won't budge.

But those jeans you couldn't get over your hips last week just might!

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