Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back for more weight-related torture!

Why, hello there!

So nice of you to keep checking in, on the off chance that I might have updated the blog.

And guess what? Your patience has been rewarded!

It was well worth the wait, wasn't it?

(Er ... well ... maybe!)

Anyway, just to bring us all up to date, not only have I not lost any more weight, I'm up to 221 pounds, which is higher than the 218 I was bitching & moaning about a year and a half ago.

But I'm gonna try something different this time - something I've tried before, but not with a whole lot of enthusiasm.

This time, however, I think I can make it work - because I'm motivated by a great new book: Dana Carpender's "How I Gave Up My Low Fat Diet and Lost Forty Pounds!"

The book!
It's really good, and funny, and inspirational. I'm about 2/3rds of the way through it and have been motivated to give the low carb thing the ol' college try one more time.

One thing I like about Dana's approach is that she gives more than one way to go low carb. She prefers the Atkins method (going cold turkey - so to speak!) for at least two weeks - the infamous Induction method) but describes other modified methods that might work better for some people.

And she herself didn't do the Induction method - she just started cutting the carbs out. Easy peasy lemon squeezie!

(Although I'm not sure if lemons are low carb. If not, fine with me, I hate 'em anyway!)
Anyway, bottom line is, I'm back and I'm low carb, baby! Hope you'll stick with me - I'll commit to updating this blog AT LEAST once a week to let you know how (or if) it's working out.



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