Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Because five abandoned blogs just aren't enough!

Hi everyone!

It's me, Chrissy, formerly known as (among others) "The Curvy Catholic", "Chrissy the Stooges Woman", "Theist Gal", and "Atheist Gal".

In this blog, I'm just me, Chrissy, a fat 52-year-old who's tried several times to lose weight and keep it off.

My most successful attempt was within the last two years. I joined Weight Watchers - actually going to the meetings, not just online - AND simultaneously joined Curves. I figured, hey, Weight Watchers for the food, Curves for the exercise, and I'm golden, baby!

And you know what? It worked - for a while.

In fact, I went from my starting weight of 224 to a low of (ready for this?) 179 within the course of a year!

Fabulous, right? I thought so too! But here I am today, less than a year later, and I'm back up to 217.


Well, let me tell you what happened. Then I'll tell you what I think I need to do about it.

What happened was:

1) I got to 179 and got complacent. "I've made it!" I thought. "It's all downhill from here! Now I can relax a little and start eating like a normal person again!" MISTAKE #1: Fat women can NEVER eat like normal persons. Because we're not normal. We're SUPERIOR!!

2) The Curves I was going to, the one right next door to my office and soooo convenient, closed down. "No problem!" I thought. "I've gotten tired of the Curves model anyway! I'll just join a REAL fitness club, like 24 Hour Fitness, and exercise like a normal person!" MISTAKE #2: Fat women can NEVER exercise like normal people. We must keep our flabulous bodies out of the public eye, so as not to frighten the horses and small children!

3) I lost my job. Oooh, BIG mistake #3! Because there went my disposable income and, as we all know, it is simply not possible to sustain a serious weight loss program without lots and lots of disposable income.

Sigh. I know, I know. Lots of great excuses there, right?

But in my defense, I must add that, since I make no claim to be superhuman, it's not entirely my fault. If you are currently or formerly fat, you have undoubtedly heard that depressing and oft-repeated statistic, the one about how 95% of all dieters regain their weight within 5 years.

So I stand, humbled but not ashamed, with the majority of my fellow human persons, in proclaiming: THIS IS TOUGH!!!

So what am I going to do about it, you ask?

Well, here are some ideas - let me know what you think.

First of all, I need to face my current situation realistically, so (deep breath) here goes:

1. I am 52 years old and, while not completely into it, have definitely shown signs of being close to menopause. I need to accept the fact that, when it hits, this will probably have an effect on my body. I will be kind to myself, and not beat myself up, and get medical help if necessary.

2. Although I am currently unemployed, I am married to a kind, understanding man who is working steadily and supports me. I will be kind to him, and do my best to find ways to control my weight without spending oodles of money on ridiculous, expensive diet plans that don't work anyway.

3. Shortly before losing my job, I bought myself a Christmas present with some of my severance package: a nonrenewable two-year membership at 24 Hour Fitness. I have only used it sporadically, but since I have it, and have one year left on it, I will take advantage of that fact, and make a commitment to go there 3 times a week.

4. I have a bike, and I love riding it. I definitely want to ride it more often. So I will make a commitment that, on the days when I am NOT going to 24 Hour Fitness, I will ride my bike for at least half an hour.

5. Food: This is ALWAYS a toughie, isn't it? As we all know, diets do NOT work long-term. However, there are certainly a few changes I could make which might be useful. Rather than go into them in detail in this post, how about this - I will make a commitment NOT to buy lunch at KFC more than once a month, and I will NOT buy Breyer's Chocolate Chip Ice Cream more than once a month.

Further than that, dear Brand New Weight Loss Blog reader, I shall not go, for it is now almost 9 a.m. and I need to get ready to go out. Because even though I'm unemployed, I do actually have a schedule - I sell books on Amazon and yay, happy happy joy joy, I've got three sales this morning! So it's off to the Post Office, and then - on this beautiful, soggy Southern California morning - to the 24 Hour Fitness for a nice relaxing workout.

If you've made it this far, thank you. Sincerely. I don't know if all my posts will be this long. Probably not. But I'll do my best to make them interesting and enjoyable. And by all means, PLEASE post a comment - I'd love to hear from you!

Have a great day!

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