Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oh well - there's always NEXT week!

Sigh - gained 4 pounds this week (back up to 215.0).

Not really sure what's going on. My body feels bloated and fat. But I know I'm not really any more so than I was last week.

Some possibilities:

1) Though I've tried to exercise every day, I was only able to ride my bike one day this week. The rest of the week it was raining, so I went to 24 Hour Fitness each rainy day. I thought that would actually result in a weight loss, but apparently not.

2) I don't think I ate any more than usual. But perhaps because of the rain I was more sedentary than I thought.

Also, I had some stress during the week due to the owner of a bookstore (which shall be nameless, cough*ILIAD*cough), accused me of being "too greedy" about taking books from the books labeled (get this) "FREE BOOKS". He told me not to take more than one box. Well, I never DO take more than one box, but of course when someone decides you're guilty and tells you not to do it again, and they're the owner of the store, what else can you do but take your business elsewhere?

Which I'm doing. Yesterday I visited several cool thrift shops and underappreciated used bookstores in the San Fernando Valley, and today I puttered around yard sales and garage sales. Found some great stuff too!

Oh, didn't I mention that I sell books on Amazon? Sorry about that - here's the link, in case you want to do some shopping:

Mention this blog when you order and I'll refund 25% of your total order upon shipping (in the form of an Amazon gift card)! Wow, whatta deal, eh?

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